Being Charged with DUI While Taking a Prescription Medication

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana, people often wonder about DUI drugs charges. What they fail to realize is a person may be taking a medication prescribed by a physician and also be charged with this crime. Every state has two types of DUI charges, impairment and per se. The impairment charge is what typically relates to the use of prescription medications, and the law takes into account the effects of the medication on the person as opposed to the amount of medication in the system. If this effect is substantial, the individual may be charged with DUI.

Why Is This Distinction Important?

When considering impairment, the state looks at any substance that can lead to intoxication, even one legally prescribed. The legality of the substance isn’t in question. What the court looks at is the effect. The reason for this is the person can still do harm …

Why Adopting Your Stepchildren may be the Best thing for Them

Being a stepparent isn’t always easy. There can be some stigma associated with stepparents and there are certainly a lot of stories that center around stepparent abuse, both in fairy tales and in the real world. However, not all stepmothers and fathers encounter issues with their stepchildren. Many find great joy in parenting the children of their spouse and even more discover they would prefer to claim their stepchildren as their own. This is where step parent adoptions come in.

Protecting the Children Legally

One major benefit of a stepparent adoption is that it protects the children legally, especially if their biological mother or father isn’t in the picture, either due to negligence or death. If the biological parent that has custody dies, and the stepparent hasn’t adopted the children, their future could be in question. This could allow other family members to step in and claim custody. In a …

Find The Proper Lawyer To Deal With Your Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Right after a motor vehicle accident, hiring a legal professional may be a wise decision. This can help a person ensure they obtain the full amount of compensation they may be eligible for. When someone is ready to make use of a legal professional, they will desire to ensure they will decide on the best one. It’s likely going to be recommended for a person to check out reviews to be able to locate a legal professional who will be a good match for them.

Someone who needs to make use of a legal professional will most likely need to ensure they will pick a lawyer who has an abundance of experience managing cases such as theirs. They will additionally want to be certain they’ll pick a legal representative that has great reviews from prior clients. Fantastic reviews imply they helped the earlier clientele get the compensation they required and …